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Run for the Son

Click the icon below to watch a 9-minute YouTube video explaining what Run for the Son is all about.

Run for the Son

2019 Poster

2019 RFS SOC Poster.JPG

Run for the Son is CMA National 's ONLY fundraiser.  The first Saturday of May every year, the CMA chapters have a Run for the Son event, each in their own way.  Prior to that date, the individual chapters might participate in various fundraising efforts...but all toward this program.  Sponsors are also solicited to contribute to RFS.   Funds are collected on that day, and totals are called into National Headquarters.  These funds are then distributed to various ministries that we support.  (For more information on these, click here.)


At 1:00 all around the world on that day, each chapter stops what they are doing and prays for the the ministry's local, national, and global upcoming season .  

A Bit of RFS History

"CMA’s Run for the Son started as an effort to provide one motorcycle to a pastor in Guatemala. From that simple beginning, Run for the Son has now provided transportation to more than 13,000 pastors, evangelists, and Christian workers around the world.


Over the past thirty years, CMA has been able to extend the open arms of Christ to millions of people around the world, through the fruits of Run for the Son. By partnering with three like-minded ministries, we have been able to place the message of hope and salvation in front of millions of people in 192 countries around the world. 

Since its beginning, Run for the Son has raised over $69 million dollars to help spread the Good News of salvation through Christ; resulting in over 24.5 million salvations.  Some pray, some go, and some send; will you help?"



2017 Run for the Son Total


Total announced at the
CMA Eastern National Rally

June 22, 2017
Lewisburg, West Virginia



If you are interested in sponsoring a CMA Member for this wonderful ministry,

please feel free to check out the CMA Run for the Son brochure icon.  

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