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Pot Belly Pub

April 22, 2018

Dan "The Mayor" of  

Pot Belly Pub

~    ~    ~



Thank you for inviting us to come meet and pray with such wonderful open people. 


May you all have a safe riding season!


Pot Belly Pub Open House

and Bike Blessing

April 22, 2018

From Kim Petrini‎ of the 

Pot Belly Pub


Christian Motorcyclists Assc. No words could explain enough! Three times is a charm!! You were there even though we extended the dates asked for! You all came out and would not take a donation! You all do this on your own time and from your hearts! You start off The Pot Belly Customers Blessed for a safe and happy season!! Thank You!!!

(Postponed twice because 

of the weather.)

Soldiers of the Cross were

joined by Bikers for Christ and Remnant Sons.

Thank  you guys!

I wish we had gotten a group picture before people had to leave! 

Unfortunately, many are missing.  

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