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The President's Poke

The President’s Poke

February 6, 2017


Hello Soldiers of the Cross,


What a great game last night!  It looked as if either team could have taken home the trophy.  One thing is for sure, we can always have victory in Jesus!


I am praying that we all will be together this coming Saturday night for the Chapter meeting and fellowship dinner.  It’s so important that we come together often to hold each other accountable, bear each other’s burdens, and lift each other up.


I am also praying that God will have his hand on our Chapter this upcoming season, that no matter what road blocks we encounter, that in the name of Jesus, our health issues are healed; our relationships and financial hardships are restored; a renewing of our minds, hearts and spirits is accomplished; and that new life is breathed into every member.


After our meeting on Saturday, we will be going to the Fireside Grille for our fellowship dinner.  I hope that everyone is able to make our times together a priority, so that we can advance our Lord’s kingdom together…for we are many parts to one body…the body of Christ.


With love from your brother and sister in Christ,

Jim and Kathy.


Armor Up!


Jim Rusconi

Cell Phone:  774-271-1432

Soldiers of the Cross #950 Chapter President

Chapter Website:

Christian Motorcyclists Association

Organization Website:

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